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Borreliosis / Lyme Disease
- how alternative medicine helped

Report of a patient suffering from Lyme-disease,
who was rescued by alternative medicin
after physicians and health care providers had left her up to herself
with her predictable heart failure



written by
Andrea F.-S.




attachments by

Wolf-Alexander Melhorn



Learn to do well;
seek judgment

Isaiah 1,17


keywords: Borreliosis, tick sting, alternative, medicine, ticks, lyme-disease, lyme, tick-born virus (TBV), Lyme-borreliosis, tick bite, self-help; Acidity, interfering field, antibiotics, vitamis, amalgam, neural therapy, homeopathy, strophantin


I thank Mrs. Marion Finke
(state examined and publicly authorised translator for English / interpretor (IHK)) -
- email: -
for the honorary translation of the article „Borreliose - Alternativmedizin half“,
originally written in German.




Part I:

Medical Report of the Patient

Attachments by the traditional healer Melhorn

still in german language in the article „Borreliose - Alternativmedizin half

Part II:

1. physicians-traditional healer-health insurer

2. Borreliosis - a new 'disease of civilisation'?

3. Borreliosis just by ticks?

4. Is it always Borreliosis?


Part III

5. Borreliosis-experience among family members

6. Antibiotics treatment?

6.1. Acquired weakness of the body’s immune system

6.2. Effectiveness of the body’s immune system

6.3. Natural and traditional medicin antibiosis

6.4. Probiotic treatiment following antibiosis

6.5. Antibiosis and medical calcul?

6.6. Success of antibiosis?

6.7. Ingenuous and to some extent just money-making internet advisors?

6.8. Examples as to the consequences of an uncritical handling of antibiotics

6.9. Antibiotic resistances of pathogens

6.10. Consequences of antibiotics in livestock husbandry for humans

6.11. Intoxication by antibiotics

7. Borreliosis and homeopathy

8. Ledum and Theridion after a tick sting?

Part IV

9. Borreliosis and/or tick-borne virus (TBV)

10. Note: TBV-vaccination damage!

11. General info as to vaccination problems

12. Late treatment of Borreliosis and TBV

13. Zur Mär of the allegedly „dangerous“ high cubings

14. Nosode-therapy

Part V

15. Borreliosis and immune system

16. Borreliosis even as task of the person suffering it

17. Borreliosis and diet

18 Food as nutrient metabolism

19. Borreliose und Wassermangel

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Part I



Andrea Frindt-Schubert
phone 0049-(0)-7961-55690


case history

In July 1995 I got bitten by a tick and showed Borrelia positive. My aches: arthralgia, extreme exhaustion, strong heart aches, blackouts and dizziness. I got Rocephin infusions for 21 days. A final blood examination, however, did not take place - seemingly due to cost saving measures.

My pains got worse. Anyway, the case seemed clear to my doctor: it might be a different illness. The Borreliosis (lyme-disease) at any rate was cured. This statement represented the end of my treatment. Soon afterwards, however, I was not able anymore to sit still; my brainwaves were according to the neurologist “not normal anymore but like of an 18-year-old”, I had headaches and upon lying down I had strong numb feelings that woke me up at night. In particular, the severe fatigue, that I was hardly able to go up stairs! My ears were plugged. My vision was impaired and I suffered from nausea. Only quietness brought some relief. I felt like an old woman at the age of 33 already. My condition got worse from one week to the next. Having a blood pressure of 70/40 at the doctor’s place I had to be lifted up from the ergometer despite low wattage. Then the doctor send me home comforting me by saying: „Take a good rest“. As if I had not done this before!

Im November 1995 I went to a traditional healer. Since medicaments cost a lot regarding alternative medicine he treated me one time a month according to a holistic therapy: neural therapy, homeophaty, vitamins, minerals, cellular therapy, amalgam detoxification, doss disturbances, colonization, etc. A blood-crystal-analysis resulted in a heavy general acidity with oxygen deficiency as well as a chronic virus strain. After many healing crisises my condition improved constantly until March 1996. To save costs I asked the doctor to at least prescribe some of the medicaments which the holistic healer had prescribed.

In April 1996 I had another relapse. I froze severely, suffered from chronic fatigue, pain in the heart region, memory loss. My forearms and lower legs were numb for several days. The doctor was helpless and did not do anything about it. In May 1996 I collapsed at the doctor’s place and thereupon the general practioner (doctor for internal medicin, allergologyst) discontinued my treatment. My arms and legs got numb. I could not remember much anymore, felt dizzy and I lived in great fear. Since the traditional healer feared that I might suffer from heart failure he treated me with heart extract and did a therapy according to Dr. Koch with Carbonylgroups and Rhodizin. This helped me back up again.

Following my urge I was examined in hospital: my lungs were checked as well as my upper abdomen, cardiologigal examinations, whole neurological examinations including magnetic resonance imaging! My family doctor told me after each result that he received that I was orgaincally healthy!

I toiled myself through life. In October 1996 I had again the symptoms which I had in early summer: muscle cramps. In May 1997 followed – probably due to my weak immune system – a suppurative frontal sinusitis.

Beginning October 1997 I suffered more aches: heavy heart aches, pressure and burning in the chest along with pseudo asthma attacks, severe muscle pain, especially the large joints, however, my hands and upper arms as well, strong stomach aches and out of the right mammary gland came yellow liquid. I was so exhausted that I almost could not go up stairs in my appartment and I was not even able anylonger to brush my teeth thouroughly. Often I was dizzy and sometimes I fainted for a short while. Due to special personal reasons however, I do not receive any sick pay and thus I trudged to work as I did not have the financial means to stay at home.

Mid December 1997 I was finally written sick as I could not work anymore. I had fever attacks of up to 40 degrees Celcius and thus I was pretty on the ropes. A home help which was partly paid by the AOK (health insurance company) took the whole day care of my household along with two children.

My family doctor and his wife (alternative practitioner) did not want to believe that this was another Borreliosis stroke. According to the examination results I was healthy. Although I did not do anything anymore anyways they considered my symptoms “mere exhaustion” which did not have to be treated. Simply my severe shortages of breath, which were a by-product of my increasing heart weakness according to the traditional healer, were treated by them by means of a spray that expanded the bronchi.

Thereupon the traditional healer treated me by stimulating my immune system due to the consequences of a borrelia infection. Thus things went better again: blood pressure RR 121/81, pulse 82. Fever went down and breathlessness diminished. But again milk-like liquid came out of my breast – a reknown sign for Borreliosis, as I know today.

By accident, finally, I got the address of a renowned Borreliose specialist. He confirmed Borreliose in my blood acutely. Intended standard therapie: for at least half a year Rocephin treatment.

However, I could’t hardly bear the side effects of this antibiotic: diarrhea, pruritus, pain in my veins. Already on the 9th day I got suddenly a skin rash as big as a hand which itched tremendously. My foot soles swell up so I could not walk anymore. On the way to the doctor I suffered from breathlessness. Due to the acute allergy attack I got Cortison at the doctor’s place right away.

Thus the Borreliosis specialist prescribed another antibiotic. Already Rocephin has been rated unobstrusive in compatibility tests so that another antibiotic with the same rating could not exclude the risk of an anaphylactic schock. Thus, following the doctor’s adivse, I was to carry an emergency set with me in the occasioin of an anaphylactic schock. Well, who was supposed to give me shoots e. g. on the streets or in my appartment, when I was alone with my small childeren?

My family doctor, however, thought that the continuation of the antibiotic therapy would be perilous under these circumstances and he refused to take over responibility. He wrote this to the AOK. In doing so his therapy was finished.

Now I hoped that the AOK would replace the costs of the alternative medicaments if a doctor would prescribe them for me, however, I did not have such a doctor at that time. It is well known that doctor’s do not like to be the “gofer“ of an alternative practitioner since usually the interest of the patient is not as important as of the person carrying out the treatment.

After this the alternative practitioner treated me 2 times weekly with so called biomoneculare medicin. Again, I felt better. Furthermore I went to a physiotherapist (craniosacral osteopathy) and to a kinesiologist. The latter stated I was allergic to dental gold and animal protein. Mr. M. confirmed this diagnosis. Thereupon I got a replacement for dental gold, namely cement and I changed my diet radically.

Then the AOK send me to their medical examiner. He declared, however, Borrelioses was not a disease. He himself tested Borrelia positiv and had no pains or anything like that. Therefore according to his mind I was a fancied sick – ready for a psychosomatic treatment.

Since my family doctor did not treat me anymore I changed doctors and went to a doctor for general medicin. He assured to me he would notify AOK that treatment following school medicin was finished and I would need some alternative medical treatment. He prescribed the medicaments on a privat prescribtion. Upon presenting these to the AOK, they refused payment.

As I got to know later the doctor had really written the letter to the AOK, in which he stated correspondingly that an alternative practioner did some treatment with Ney-Thymun k (company Vitorgan) and thus he would make a private prescribtion of this medicament since I demanded him to do so. It was clear that the AOK thereupon refused to take over the costs. Months later the AOK told me orally that this medicament was according to the RED LIST not a specific one for treating Borrliose (lyme-disease).

Upon my search for paid help I finally found the address of an approved Swiss spezial hospital for alternative medicin where I largely experienced some kind of treatment which may be compared to the one I had received from the alternative practitioner and which I was to pay for myself. The AOK refused to meet the costs since the hospital was abroad. Instead I got approval by the AOK to stay in a hospital with maximum care. However, why? Just to make all kinds of tests again – for daily rates amounting from 700,00 to 1.000,00 DM and to ascertain my allergy toward antibiotics?

Afterwards, the holistic healer helped me back upon my feet – while having setbacks – so I could at least start work again in July 1998 despite troubles. Furthermore I went to a kinesiologyst and to an osteopath.

Starting August 1998 I did not have any treatments for two months. I simply could not afford it anymore! Thus my condition got worse and worse. Against my breathlessness I got Strophantin shots which really helped when the condition was serious.
Since Sept. 1998 the holistic practitioner has been giving me shots like NeyThymun k SOL, Cor Uvocal, Hepa Uvocal, Splen Uvocal, Carbonylgruppen and Rhodizin and in particular he has treated me homeopathicly. Already 2 hours after the fist treatment I did feel much better. The recovery lasted at first about 1 week and this treatment was continued weekly, until I could not afford weekly treatment anymore for medication was too expensive.

While I was ill I took all medical advise into consideration. Daily I did gymnastics and meditated as well. Due to changing my diet I lost 27 kilos. Again and again I went to the AOK. On the phone the person in charge of the AOK finally explained to me that the doctor who has treated me was asked twice by mail whether according to his mind I was finished with general and traditional school medicament treatment. Then all medicaments would be paid. The doctor, however, did not answer.

The doctor on the other hand said that the question of cost take over is being clarified presently in a law suit. The decision should be made beginning of January 1999. The holistic paractioner told me, however, that this was already decided upon 1979 by the Federal Social Court. Thereupon the doctor told me another legal suit was taking place as to this issue and was pending with a court. According to a phone conversation with the AOK this was not true, but the doctor obviously wanted to put me off until the first quarter of 1999, in order not to be taken into recourse by the AOK.

The reasons for this behaviour – which did not differ much from the previous doctor – were pretty clear after a phone conversation with his wife. I talked to her after having talked to the AOK on the phone and I was pretty angry and thus I asked that he would finally write out the attestation and then prescribe at the costs of the health insurer. Her baneful answer was: “Well, do you really think we pay for your medicaments”?

Since one month now I have been feeling better and better due to the weekly treatment of the holistic healer. The illness seems to be overcome slowly. I regained about two thirds of my previous strenght and I am fully able to work again.

Andrea Frindt-Schubert

A copy of this article (without attachments was published in the magazin: „We holistic practitioners“ magazin for naturopathy, professional- and medicin policy: AKTIVFORUM Organ des Berufs- und Fachverbandes "Freie Heilpraktiker e.V.", issue 3/99, September 1999, page 22 - 25



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With the approval of the patient I comment on her report as follows:

1. First accretion dated January 5th 1999:

The health insurance at fist regretted not to be able to pay for the therapy, since the general practitioner who was asked to make a statement, told her in writing that he only prescribed the medicament 29 K SOl ( Fa. Vitorgan) on a private prescription since Mrs. Frindt-Schubert had asked him to do so. Thereupon the health insurance claimed: according to the RED LIST this medicament was not in particular approved for treating lyme-disease and is according to the list not repayable.

Actually this is an effective medicament to increase the efficiency of the body’s immune system – thus especially for the indication stated here!

The general practitioner thus only blocked by such statements so he would not taken into responsibility by the health insurer. The AOK, however, felt comfortable with a behaviour like this to be able to refuse. The patient, however, ends on the deathbed.


2. Accreation dated April 1st 1999:

In an appeal against the branch office of the AOK in Baden-Württemberg the patient referred to her report in the internet and the AOK visited the site. Afterwards, things were settled without any problems, for the AOK ascertained that a lot went wrong in this case. Following a 2.5 hour talk in the appartment of the patient the AOK transmitted an amount of 11.083,00 DM. Further medicament costs have been taken over, whenever a doctor again prescribed the medicaments I suggested on a private prescription.

This is a result that I also hope for other patients and I hope the above report „arms“ the patients of colleagues also in this direction. Especially I would like to encourage the respecitve patient not to give in to the apparant huge insurances. Seldom it only is bad intention, so that such a thing sometimes is indefinitely difficult.

With the Barmer Ersatzkasse (health insurance company) I made similar similar experiences; however, only until a Social Court Procedure. At any rate, legal proceedings seem to be the most meaningful method to meet such problems, polemization does not help. „Red-tape-machineries“ like insurances are finally nothing but victims of their own immovability, putting paragraphs above humanity – and right there is something to be done, to bring back the individual case onto the legal basis again.

Another hint for (self) therapists:

Whosoever fights borrelia should never forget the Borrelia Nosode. I recommend the D 200, every 2 hours 1 of them, until the main aches are over. Thereafter not so often anymore. Further recommendations regarding self-treatment are written below and in the accompanying Borreliosis articles.

3. Accretion dated August 3rd, 1999:

The patient is fully back to work. Since she is a teacher she is very busy at the moment as the school ends in summer, as most of all teachers. Nevertheless, she can cope with her work. She hardly has any setbacks. When she fainted a while ago, it was ascertained, that she sweated a lot the day before in the heat of the summer and thus had an electrolyt-shortage, which could be balanced by medicaments. Besides this she daily takes 2 x 8 Strodival mr-capsules to strenghten the heart. Furthermore, whenever she had to sit still for a while, e.g. when driving a car, she had severe arthralgia, which, however, could be balanced homeopathically. To sum it up, the patient now is in a stable livable condition.

4. Accretion dated August 5th 2000:
Mrs. Frindt-Schubert is fully capable to work and mainly free of troubles. Only seldom the earlier symptoms start over again, and if they do, they are easy to be treated therapeutically.

5. Accretion dated April 25th 2001:
Some Borreliosis patient told me that in his self-help group the desperate patients are being told by their therapeuts to ease their pains or to even heal their borreliosis by means of colloidal silver in the primary substance and by means of dosises of up to 150ml a day. He could not report about any success, since these patients broke off contact to the group.

As an alternative practitioner I would like to emphatically warn about such a therapeutic procedure. Silver (Argentum metallicum) is a dangerous nerve toxin. It is right indeed that it prohibits the reproduction of bacteria or kills them, respectively (Mezger "Gesichtete Homöopathische Arzneimittellehre", 4th issue,1977S.207), however, this may be attained already by means of a dilution of 1: 100 000, which corresponds to a 6th and 7th decimal squaring. METZGER further reports that one used colloidal silver solutions (Collargo) to combat a string of infectious diseases, however, SCHADE points out that the efficiency of silver lies in the ocidation accelleration, to which all toxins are sensitive. METZGER thus concludes, that the anti-toxic effect of silver is not really a silver related effect, but counts for all heavy metals.

Treatment of the consequences of lyme-disease thus surely is the wrong way, since almost always the bacteria have been killed already – which does not ease treatment. B, however, explains the frequent inefficiency of anew antibacterial treatment. At any rate not the anti-toxic efficiency of silver is at issue, but it is “merely” the crucial point to boost the immune system so it may handle the side effects of lyme-disease.

Therefore please: Hands off from such a (according to my mind) dangerous as well as useless therapy by means of colloidal silver! I think you harm yourself more as that you may benefit from it individually!


6. Acretion dated September 12th 2005

Mrs. Frindt-Schubert is again fully engaged in family life and work; as to Borreliosis she is trouble-free.


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