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Borreliosis (Lyme-disease), Chlamydia,
Meningitis Mycoplasma and alternative medicine
- a severe case history


Christoph P.

with accretions by

Wolf-Alexander Melhorn


Learn to do well;
seek judgment

Isaiah 1,17


keywords: Borreliosis, lyme-disease, Chlamydia; Meningitits, tick sting, alternative, medicine, ticks, lyme, tick-born virus (TBV), lyme-borreliosis, tick bite: borreliosis treatment, tick sting, tick, tick bite, colonal irregation



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originally written in German.



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Case history

1. accretions by Wolf-Alexander Melhorn

2. accretions by Wolf-Alexander Melhorn - - colonal irregation




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Case history

I am 29 years old, tall and sturdy and I work as a tool-builder physically. Up to last year I could not imagine that something could knock me over.

In March 2002 I was, however, bitten by a tick. There was some redness on my left thigh which got hard. I did not worry about this a lot, since I did not see a tick.

Beginning of May 2002 I got a paralysis on my left side – face, leg and arm and I sensed prickling. Additionally I got tachycardia, head aches and I had a veil in front of my eyes. Thereupon I went straitly to hospital’s emergency department on the weekend. Nothing was found there; I did not even know myself that the redness, which I had in March resulted from a tick bite. When I thought about it at home I had such a guess.

On Monday I told my family doctor about this. Thereupon he examined my blood and the laboratory ascertained that I had antibodies to Chlamydia, Mycoplasma and Borrelia. Thus the doctor prescribed antibiotics for the duration of about eight weeks

During this time I felt week, had constant head aches and again and again tachycardia. The paralysis wandered through my body, again and again at different places. I spent almost all time in bed, since I was too weak to get up.

Since I did not recover the doctor told me to go to the hospital to be examined in regard to meningitis. There the usual examinations took place: magnetic resonance imaging, all kinds of blood examinations, cardiogram, EEG, liquor examination and further neurological examinations. After one week the doctors sent me back home saying I was healthy.

One day later I felt really bad again – having the symptoms as stated before – I went back to the emergency department of the hospital. However, the doctors were helpless.

Again – at the doctor’s place – I got antibiotics for eight weeks. Besides this I was sent from one practitioner to the next, cardiologyst, again magnetic resonance imaging, afterwards to the orthopaedist and finally to the neurologyst, who gave me the advice to go to a psychologyst! The doctors did not take me serious anymore.

However, I felt really bad! I always felt as if I had the flue and I sweated “bullets” at times.

At the end of September 2002 I had to do all examinations all over again in a larger hospital. Again, without findings, despite the fact that my overall condition was unchanged.

Again, the family practitioner prescribed antibiotics for about four weeks, which I did not take anymore. It was too obvious that the new antibiotic-therapy was only an expression of therapeutic helplessness.

Therefore I looked for an alternative. I searched the Internet for tick bites, Borreliosis, Chlamydia …, and finally found reports about alternative treatment procedures. So I came to the holistic practitioner and have been regularily treated by him since then.

At the weekly sessions the holistic practioner has tested current homoepathic individual remedies, which soon helped me, however, progress has taken place slowly.

In particular, this also meant, that I had to change my diet drastically, meaning I do not drink any coffee anymore and I do not eat animal fat anymore, like meat, fish, cheese and dairy products.

I also followed his advice and got rid of amalgam fillings. I also took homoepathica as well as minerals to get rid off accumulated amalgam in my body.

The side effects of the antibiotica treatment which lasted several months, a time during which my blood was never controlled by a laboratory, resulted in high liver values, however, the doctor ignored them – despite the fact I hardly ever drink any alcohol. The holistic practitioner treated me successfully by means of homoepathica, Revitorgan-supplements and Factor AF 2 shoots.
My heart aches that worried me a lot rapidly improved by Strophanthin and today they are almost gone. Besides this the holistic healer built up my intestinal flora which was destroyed by antibiotics by means of beneficial living bacteria again. I also did some colonal irrigations, which helped me a great deal, although this therapy was unknown to me at that time. However, cleansing the bowels by means of 3x1 liter lukewarm water irrigations brought about noticable relief for the organism from scorae, which cling to the walls of the colon and are partly very toxic. The careful flushing out of such residues hanging out in the colon helps the body to retain some of its defense again, which is so extremely important in regard to viruses. However, I can extremely recommend this kind of treatment by means of a so called irrigator (may be obtained in a sanitary shop for about 13 Euro).

In particular my body was right from the beginning alkalysed and thus purified.

Homoepathically I was treated against FSME (meningitis) for I once had an FSME vaccination. Thereupon my aches in the head, the heart as well as the paralyzing feelings diminished drastically. Also I was treated by means of Nosodes against Chlamydia and Mycoplasma.

The medicaments for such a treatment had to be paid for by myself as a panel patient. This simply annoyed me because the naturally expensive doctor’s visits, special examinations and hospital stays did not help at all – however, they were paid for by the health insurance without any problems.

Today I feel much better due to all the treatments by the holistic practitioner. Overall I am much more fit and also I can do all exhausting jobs again. Sometimes, however, there is still a day on which I suffer from setbacks, but I am in good cheer, that I will be wholly healthy again.

September 19th 2003



Wolf-Alexander Melhorn (holystic practitioner):
Having the approval of the author I complement to and comment on the report written above


1. accretions by Wolf-Alexander Melhorn

The patient had several different infections, for besides Borreliosis he also had Chlamydia and Mykoplasma.

Chlamydia infection is an illness which is common in particular among younger people due to changing sex partners. In most cases it is not noticed and only becomes clear when the organism is weakened by other illnesses. For details please refer to the following internet site, e.g.

The Mycoplasma pneumoniae (EATON* agent) is a pathogen – transmittable by droplets – a primarily atypical pneumoniae prone to recurrence, which starts slowly and then develops high fever, severe headaches and dry coughing. However, due to the infection arthritis may be developed also.

Both pathogens may thus affect the body with a low immune status due to Borreliosis infection. They are usually treated by means of antibiotics.

In this case, however, the patient already was treated with antibiotics for a long time so that it was reasonable to intervene by means of homoepathic Nosodes. Details regarding this therapy as well as the dangers of antibiotic treatment may be found in the article" Borreliosis / Lyme Disease - how alternative medicine helped Kapitel 6 -

Even these Nosodes are available in the pharmacy without prescription:

Chlamydia Trachomatis Nos. SDF . D 200 Glob (company Staufen-Pharma )
Chlamydia Pneumoniae Nos. SDF. D 200 Glob (company Staufen-Pharma )
Mycoplasma Pneumoniae Nos. SDF D 200 Glob (company Staufen-Pharma )

Kindly take these Nosodes like the Borreliosis Nosode and only when the infection has been ascertained.

2 accretions by Wolf-Alexander Melhorn - colonal irregation

Borreliosis and the above illnesses are just the result of a weakened immune system. Thus everything is helpful which relieves the immune system thus enabelling the body to be in a position to fight these infections.

Nowadays – a possibility to relieve the immune system – is colonal irregation, which as a rule is laughed at and detested (probably due to the many „fanyc medicaments“) and thus has almost disappeared. It is known also as Colon Hydro therapy, which however, may not be found everywhere. There is also the possibility to do-it-yourself. This has the advantage that it is pretty cheap.

For since this self-treatment is cheap ordinary medicin suspects it. However, one has to consider that inside the colon walls villi sticks for decades which contains highly toxic material. The aforesaid tries to penetrate via the intestinal mucosa into the body. Thus they have to be detoxified by the liver. A affected liver has severe problems with this!

However, to my mind colonal irrigation e.g. is also a preventative measure in regard to cancer.

Naturally nobody is to believe that colonal irrigation alone is a remedy to Borreliosis, FSME or similar infections! However, this is a traditional possibility which proved its worth among many patients. Whosoever doubts this may reflect on the fact that in ancient Egypt the pharaos even had a high dignitary who was solely responsible for their colonal irrigation.

To do colonal irrigation one needs a container comprising 2 liters. It is to be hanged up chest-high to achieve water pressure. This container has a tube at the end of which there is a small faucet as big as a pencil. Articles like this may be purchased e. g. from the company Russka.

Colonal irrigation is only done with luke warm water. Use no additives! The simle exception to the rule is to add urine or to use pure urine, which I highly recommend. Urine is an ancient remedy of highest value. A lot of people know of using urine to treat injuries. Moreover, soldiers urined onto their wounds during world wars. And those who hurt themselves while gardening should do the same thing regarding open wounds. It accellerates the healing process drastically.

Urine, however, has a strong healing ability in particular when it comes to irritable or chronically infected intestinal mucosa. Urine reflects the health or illness status, respectively, of the body. Hereto one may visit the following site (in german only):
Hauterkrankung und alternative Medizin - Die Beseitigung jahrelanger Beschwerden -

Before doing the colonal irrigation the plastic tube may be greased with Vaseline.

Position the body on the knees – head down.

Usually 2-3 “sessions” are made in a row. Mostly during the first treatment only about 500 ml are absorbed before stool impulse starts. The follwing sessions are made with about 1 till 1,75 liter water each – depending upon the size of the patient.

It is important to take some time for this. One also has to watch out that possibly all water is emptied during each interval. This may be controlled by weighing oneself before and afterwards.

The individual sessions last for about 10 to 20 minutes. 3 sessions last for about 1 hour. To the amazement of the patient not only black coproliths appear but also upon the first irrigation remainders of dinner from months ago. This is highly smelly – which proves the correctness for the irrigation, for these toxins as well as scorae have to be – as said before – controlled by the immune system. It goes without saying that such an environment naturally is the „ideal“ ground for cellular degeneration in the bowels resulting into cancer of the colon.

A lot of patients already feel relieved almost immediately during the session, e.g. even when having a cold the nose becomes clear. This is the immediate expression of the general relief of the immune system due to colonal irrigation.

Since the scat also flushes out a lot of physiological bacteria it is reasonable to take strong living bacteria the very same day and the following day as well (e.g. Mutaflor 100 mg, 1x1 and Omniflora, 1x1 ) for colonization.

According to my mind it is meaningful to do these colonal irrigations at the beginning once a week for several weeks. This may be done earlier also depending upon the fact how sluggish the bowels are. Thus I recommend to do the next irrigation not until regular action of the bowels have set in again for 2 days.

It depends also upon the patient how many irrigations have to be done altogehter. The treatments may last for months, however, they will have a positive effect upon health. When the bowels are more or less back to normal it would be advisable to do 2-3 irrigations per year.

Rule of thumb: Whenever the bowels are in a healthy state (colon, respectively) then the tongue is without coating.